Why choose the Harmonious Houseguest?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the chaos and clutter around you, I can offer my expertise to bring order and tranquility into your life. As a holistic organizer, de-cluttering expert, downsizing specialist, and vegan nutritionist, I bring all these skills together to create harmony, simplicity, and delicious plant-based meals. I believe that our surroundings, thoughts, and actions are all interconnected. With my deep understanding of the connections between mind, body, spirit, and the environment, I will guide you through the transformative process of decluttering your home, clearing your mind, and simplifying your lifestyle.

My Background

Suzanne Daley 2023

Suzanne Daley

Chief Harmonizer

I have honed my skills as an organizer and designer by drawing from the wisdom imparted by my parents (architect & designer), my own creative instincts, and various online resources. When I was a stay-at-home mother, I came to realize that maintaining a functional home was crucial for my mental well-being, and this required deliberate effort.

In addition, I have extensive experience collaborating with some of the BEST interior designers in the USA from several years in oriental rugs.  As well, I have earned several awards for design in handmade modern rugs. 

I am also a world traveler, accomplished painter, graphic designer, and recently, children’s book author. You can see and/or order my book, “A Tale of a Whale” here.

Since January 2020, I have discovered a passion for vegan (plant-based) cooking while also assisting individuals in organizing their living spaces, de-cluttering their belongings, downsizing when necessary, and infusing vitality into their environments. It has given me the greatest satisfaction witnessing my clients thrive in their new environments AND choosing to remain plant-based.  Healthy body and mind. Healthy home and spirit!

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A clean and organized home improves well-being, reduces stress, improves productivity, supports mental and physical health, enhances creativity, and strengthens relationships. Decluttering and organizing can have a positive impact on daily life. And having someone cook wonderful holistic meals during this stressful time is a bonus! Please contact me for a FREE consultation.