Want to see Your living Space Transformed?

Look no further than Harmonious Houseguest! Having an organized home is a game-changer, and I’m here to make it happen.

I specialize in analyzing the flow of items and objects in your home

  • create a unique plan to improve the flow, the location of items and objects within an area and make suggestions for recycling things no longer used or needed
  • we implement the plan so you can experience the freedom, energy and comfort that naturally exists in a clutter-free environment
  • shop for organizing products so you don’t have to navigate through all the options
  • make recommendations for healthy products vs chemical or synthetic ones
  • items for donation are organized after each session, as needed

A Holistic Approach to Organization & Cleaning

I believe that we need to incorporate a more holistic approach to our mind, body and spirit, when it comes to organization and cleaning.  Incorporating plant-based cooking into my services as a houseguest is an excellent complement to the usual organization service.

A healthy body makes for a more positive outlook in the mind. A healthy body and mind makes for a healthy spirit. Everything is connected! 

Feeling lighter in your body, will help you want to feel lighter in your material world as well, making it easier to let go of things that no longer serve you. And living in calm and beauty, gives you a greater appreciation of the beauty in life.

By introducing whole food plant-based cooking into my repertoire, I strive to create a harmonious and balanced living environment that nurtures both your physical space and your inner vitality.


Defining priorities is important and listing the goals of our time together.



Organizing is essential to feeling at ease within your environment.



Sometimes we need a hand to help us figure out what we need vs what we want vs its time to let go. Too much stuff can stifle creativity.



Let me help you create a warm and wonderful space utilizing things you already own and adding small touches as needed.

Vegan Food

vegan nutrition

How about someone to help teach you how to make fabulous and simple vegan (plant-based) meals? 



Let me help you create a warm and wonderful space utilizing things you already own and adding small touches as needed.

Confidentiality icon

Confidentiality Guaranteed

I’ve seen it all and nothing fazes me anymore. There’s no challenge too big or messy for me. In fact, I love tackling untidy environments because it gives me the chance to create remarkable makeovers!

At Harmonious Houseguest, I don’t judge – it’s all about inspiring you to turn your dreams into reality. Let’s revolutionize your living space together and get you! 

Confidentiality guaranteed

In-home organizing rates

Projects start at $65/hr

Estimate is determined after consultation and is based on project scope and client needs + goals

Why Hire Harmonious Houseguest?

Life can be stressful and with that we can allow things to get out of hand at home and in our bodies too. Are you feeling sluggish, not able to make changes as easily as you’d like? This is where having me as your guide and helper to sort things out, de-clutter, downsize, organize, design and cook delicious and nutritious vegan meals will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your life.  Contact me today for a FREE Consultation.